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Technology and How It Changed Sales and Marketing

These times, we have in our pockets ample technology to provide us access to the globe’s knowledge, along with instant information on what’s happening everywhere. Tech touches us in all parts of our lives and shows no indication of waning anytime soon. In the world of business, the role of technology is ever more outstanding in the sales and marketing department.

Erasing Distance

Nowadays, distance has turned into near irrelevance as far as sales and marketing is concerned. From smartphone applications to and remote-work tools and more, technology has indeed made it easier to communicate with customers and work with colleagues from any location in the world. Travel is controlled because now, sales and marketing staff can have their “meetings” on the Internet. Remote workers and telecommuters are able to work wherever and whenever with the same productivity and efficiency.

Better Customer Service

Modern CRM applications permit instant access to pertinent information about customers, hence improving the entire customer service process. Sales people can learn important information, like the needs of customers, when they last ordered products,or when the customer might need the company again. As well, company representatives will be able to respond to customers’ questions and other issues almost instantly. Data mining and huge data applications enable companies to use large amounts of data to acquire new customers, increasing the efficiency of their prospecting and lead generation process.

More Efficient Document Processing

With the use of electronic communications, primary decision-makers in a business can be reached faster and more easily. Electronic signature and approval systems can lessen the time needed to get approvals, as well as enable executives who may be scattered across the globe to sign off pertinent paperwork.

Reduced Sales and Marketing Costs

Sales and marketing technology can be a considerable source of savings. Printed marketing materials, like brochures, flyers, etc. Video and audio files may be added to the sales and marketing mix, boosting the number of methods that engage customers. Electronic material may be circulated at little, if any, cost above the cost of conventional shipping.

Fast and Easy Customer Reach

Social media sites provide an automatic and direct access line between you and your customers. Online presentations, webinars, and the like give you real-time access among staff members. You can also keep your customers updated on the latest developments with your products and/or services through updates on your pages or your blog.

Undoubtedly, the smart use of today’s technology can offer you a solid competitive edge in today’s marketplace. But first, you need to understand the role of technology in sales and marketing before you can use it to your full advantage.

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