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Services Provided at a Medical Sexual Wellness Clinic

A medical sexual wellness clinic is a health facility that deals with the medical issues that fall under the sexual organs. It is also dealing with psychology of sex and how it affects human beings. These clinics have existed for quite a very long time. It can trace its origin back to the traditional society where it was practiced in a ritual form. It was well protected and considered to be a very sacred thing. In some societies they even had a special religious side of it such as those that had the god of sex. Even today sex has been widely studied and understood by professionals very deeply. This is reason there are medical sexual wellness clinics. The following are some of the services that you will get at such a clinic today.

Birth control methods is the most common service that is offered in medical sexual wellness clinics. The rapid growth in population today has seen the government come in to educate its people on birth control. Some countries are very strict that they even give the number of children that one is allowed to bear. This is mainly to control the population and help provide for all its citizens. The education provided is aimed at convincing couples to adopt the birth control methods that do exist. With the ability to control the population it will be possible for a clear planning on how to provide for them.

Medical sexual wellness clinics practice treatment of sexually transmitted infections better known as STI’s. These infections have been studied over a long period of time and those that did not have cures are now curable. This is accompanied with educating the masses on how to prevent getting these infections. This is possible when one engages in safer sexual activities such as using of condoms, sticking to a single partner and also abstaining from sex. For diseases that have no cure, they have medications that help to boost the immune systems an example is HIV. These medical clinics are also research center that provide prevention and cure solutions.

Counseling and education is another serviced offered by these clinics. Being that prevention is better than cure the need to prevent these infections has arisen. They do this by going out and setting up tents in order to educate the public. They also visit institutions such as schools, other hospitals and even work places to educate people. Those that have been found to be infected with these diseases are given a counseling session which will aid them in coping up with their situation and also be given medication.

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