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The Merits Of Waterjet Cutting

A certain computer program normally runs the waterjet cutting. It is done by the material being placed on the table and the cutting is done across the material. Then the abrasive gets into the water with high pressure. Then it is put into a very tiny hole. The cutting is done by the stream of water that comes with very high speed. The amount of the material that is wasted b this type of cutting is reduced because the stream comes in a very small size. Other machines have several cutting heads hence they save time. There exist so many benefits of the waterjet cutting. These advantages are explained below.

The waterjet cutting can be done on any kind of materials. The examples of the materials that can be cut with the waterjet cutting include the stainless, carbon and tool steels, copper, granite, gold, wood and many others. It does not choose the size or he thickness of the materials that has to be cut with this technique. Even the materials that have ununiformed surface, and those with layers that are stacked ca be cut by this method. It can cut even the complex shape that cannot be imagined. Hence it is advantageous to use.

Also the waterjet cutting ensures that there is no heat on the material cut. The room temperature does not change with the use of the waterjet cuttings as it is the case with the use of the thermal machines. This is due to the water’s ability of absorbing any eat that may be generated and the heat is returned to the tank. This helps reduce the chances of having the material hardening hence it is advantageous. Also other materials that can melt can be cut with the waterjet cutter.

Also waterjet cutting has a very high accuracy as compared to other machines or techniques. Waterjet cutting has the ability to make cuts that are up to 0.143 mm accuracy. The accuracy is still very high even when the materials are thick. This is because the cutting needs the table stability and it has great control of te stream.

Also waterjet cutting can be done very quickly. Hence he technique saves a lot of time. This implies that it is not that expensive as compared to another machine such as the EDM. To set and program the machine , very less time and energy is needed.

Waterjet cutting is environmental friendly. This is because the process does not produce dangerous Gases and grindings. The process does not need oils for it to be successful. It is even possible to use clean water to cut some material that can be dirtied.
When making perforations with the use of waterjet cuttings, the his are not made first like the other materials do. This is the reason why the waterjet cutting is prefer than any other cutting machine.

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