Conquering The Cold – Touring Antarctica

Antarctica is the beautiful ice-land that is the southernmost continent on the earth. It is also the windiest and coldest area on record on earth. Although the continent may seem hostile, it is far more hospitable than one may think. Densely populated, but full of wonder and beautiful sites to behold, Antarctica has become more and more of a tourist stop over the past few decades. With the beautiful seals and penguins, what is not to love about this mysterious place called Antarctica.

Traveling Due South – Antarctica or Bust

Although Antarctica is densely populated with scientist, it is still a place to visit due to its natural landscape; which is untouched by man. Over the past few decades, cruise ships have ventured more and more to this mysterious location. This icy landscape is the fifth largest continent in the world with over five million square miles to work with. Depending on the season when you travel, determine the type of activities you may be able to enjoy. In addition, you can find great deals on any of the antarctica travel cruises during the late fall and early winter months.

Things to See and Do in Antarctica

If you get the chance to cruise down to the Antarctica, you will have the chance to visit and see places that will be memorable for a lifetime. Although the continent is bigger than the U.S., it has different sections that you can visit and explore. One of the famed locations is the Explorer’s Hut, located of of Antarctica’s Ross Island. This site is famous for the Shackleton and Scott expedition. Here you can see the portable wooden huts, see photos of the exploration on Antarctica through their eyes, and see actual handwritten notebooks of one of the members of the Terra Nova Expedition. Another point of interest is the Chapel of the Snows, which has been rebuilt more than once and is the second religious building in the southernmost part of the world.

Cruise ships pass by some of the portions of landmass where you can see the wildlife of the Antarctic region. It is during this time you can see killer whales and vivacious penguins abound. Also let’s now forget the beautiful landscape created naturally by the snows, winds, and sea currents. Make sure to keep your camera’s fully loaded to capture the magnificent artistic painting before your eyes, created just for you by nature.

Tips for Your Journey

Before taking that jump of a lifetime to Antarctica, make sure that you are fully prepared for its unpredictability. First and foremost, make sure that you pack the right type of clothing. The weather there is different and can change in minutes, so make sure that you have clothing that you can remove as well as add when necessary.

Pack medication and sunscreen for your travels. The Drake’s Passage is a choppy and bumpy ride, so be prepared for sea sickness. Also, you will be surprised, you definitely need to pack sunscreen and sunglasses. The sun’s reflection is heightened by the reflection from the icy mass around you. In addition, keep in mind the following: plan activities designed for you early, get travel insurance, have extra batteries (dry bags, and etc.), and lastly respect the land and its ecosystem. In the end you will enjoy and have memories to share for a lifetime.